a stitch in time - by Graham Atkins-Hughes

What does it mean to choose

We make choices every day, some without even much thought. Starting with the everyday “get out of bed or stay in bed?“What should I wear?“What do I want to eat?”; most of these decisions are made in the blink of an eye and we hardly notice the process.

Then there are the choices that carry more weight. Decisions made when we feel obliged to make a choice or when we are overwhelmed by options or trapped by limited alternatives. 

Forced to mentally scan the future and consider the implications of any given outcome, our frame of reference may also be muddied with emotion. Add to this outside pressures, and choice takes on a different gravity.

My earliest memory of this type of dilemma is in secondary school during a second-year English lesson. The teacher asked us to read and consider the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It was the first time I remember considering the process of life choices, and the possibility of having doubts about a choice. The sentiment of the poem stays with me to this day. When deliberating over a difficult choice, I take myself into the poem, imagining myself standing in a silver birch wood in early Autumn, the vibrant yellow leaves all around, and it brings me to a calm state, and a decision, which in my case more often ’the road less travelled’.

It's what happens in these moments which I wanted to explore in my tryptic of films which I am making under the banner of 7&8 Productions, starting with the now made part one ‘BE NOW’, secondly with ‘A Stitch in Time’ and finally with ‘The Meeting Point’.

When faced with a choice between the well worn path and the road ‘less traveled by’ which do you think you’re more likely to choose?