Frequently Asked Questions


SQUINT SHOWCASE  is an online curated gallery for artist to exhibit work to the advertising and design industry.

2.  How do I join?

Simply contact us. If you are interested in becoming an Exhibiting member you will need to contact the SQUINT Curators to discuss your work.

3.  What do i do if I don’t receive a confirmation email after creating an account?

Please email direct to where our admin team will attend to your request urgently.

4.  What are the image size and type requirements?

You will find the information you need when you submit your registration.

5. Is there a limit to how many images I can upload?

A maximum of 20 images can be submitted to exhibit on your ‘own’ gallery space.

6. How often can I resubmit new images for consideration?

SQUINT are happy for you to contact the curators at any time during your membership to
discuss submitting new work.

7. How do I sell something on your site?

This service is not available through SQUINT at this point.  SQUINT will be offering a shop in the future, so please keep reviewing.

8. How can I remove artwork that is exhibited on your site?

To remove any images from your gallery please contact

9. How do I contact an artist that is exhibiting on SQUINT?

The SQUINT team will be happy to forward any request received on to an exhibiting artist. please inform us of your interest at

10. Who do I contact to discuss advertising space on SQUINT?

For further information with regard to advertising on SQUINT please contact us.

11. Can I download exhibitors work?

No this work is owned by the exhibiting artist you will need to contact artist direct to obtain agreement for usage.

12. What evidence is required when we report copyright infringement material?

If you believe that your work has been displayed on SQUINT in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact

13. Does SQUINT own my exhibiting art?

SQUINT does not own copyright to any of the exhibiting art.

14.  Where can I find SQUINT Terms & Conditions?

SQUINT Terms and Conditions are available to view here.