ILVIE & BEN - Susanne Stemmer Kids Visuals

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Crazy kids, busting with energy…letting kids be kids with all their playfulness and chaos - and still always keeping control. For Ilvie & Ben a fun thing to do.

Ilvie & Ben's kids shoots feel like a big adventure and always tell a story: it’s a treasure hunt today and a detective story tomorrow, it’s a knight saving his new Burberry pants from two mean gnomes, it’s a princess fighting against a tiger (carpet…).

…the good thing: With all this letting kids live and play, the chaos never takes over. The person behind Ilvie & Ben is actually a very experienced photographer and film maker, having been in the business for 20 years: Ilvie & Ben is the Kids Visuals line of Susanne Stemmer, who is very happy to dive into her kid’s worlds as often as possible. > >