Nigel Harniman


I’m a bloke who’s living my dream as I work as an automotive photographer every day.

I’ve loved cars since I can remember but when on my 16th birthday my parents produced a camera, instead of the motorbike I had my eye on, I found a new love of my life.

From then on I could never decide what I liked best, the camera or the car, so like any entrepreneur I made the choice to embrace them both and seek out a career that does the same.

Now a location photographer, I travel around the world shooting cars in locations from Barbuda to Billericay, Rio to Reading and back! I seem to have a knack for capturing the cars best bits in motion that’s popular with automotive advertisers for brands from Bentley to Cadillac.

Specialties: Automotive, Landscape Photography, CGI, Creative Digital Production, Live Action, Post-Production for Print and Interactive & Broadcast, Animation, Advertising, Motion Graphics.

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