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Ehpico D’Atela. Champion pure bred Lusitano grey stallion 2018

Photographs are referred to as stills. A frozen moment in time allows us to observe the world in suspension and will sometimes reveal a graphic beauty that might otherwise flash by in the blink of an eye and remain unnoticed.

Whether we are looking at the magnified eye of a bullfrog or an eagle captured in mid flight, it is the stillness of these photographs that gives us time to pause and marvel at the wonderful diversity of life on Earth.

These featured images are from a recent series of a champion Lusitano stallion and are captured at very high resolution to create maximum impact when printed large format. Powerful studio lighting is used for ultra fast flash durations to freeze detail to less than 1/6000th of a second. 

Any photography shoot that involves 600 kilos of unbridled horse thundering around at high velocity in a barn in the dark, is both thrilling and a little hair raising, requiring highly controlled conditions to protect the safety of both the animals and the crew.

Giclée prints are created using smooth archival cotton rag heavyweight paper, signed and issued in strictly limited editions with a note of authentication from the photographer.